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Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my shop! My name is Kierstyn and that's me obnoxiously smiling in the picture. Right now I am the proud one-person team behind Sweet Mango and I am loving it! A few years ago my sister started her own jewelry business and I have been inspired to do the same. I decided to pair my love for homemade soaps and my enthusiasm to build something of my own and create Sweet Mango (you can read about my journey, launch, and soap making tips in my blog). 

When I started buying handmade soaps I was amazed at how intentional the creator always was. I appreciate the fresh scented soaps and coordinating designs, but I love the story behind each batch of soap the seller told. I could not wait to start creating my own! I also decided to make lip gloss because well, I love a good lip gloss. 

I understand how important it is to buy a product that smells great, looks great, and is great for the skin! When I buy my handmade goods I want to check all three; and you can do that with my products! I've researched the ingredients I use and ensure they are not only healthy for the skin, but also moisturizing, soothing, and nourishing. I've tried all my products and I'm proud of each one! I believe you'll be proud to own them!

It has been a great experience so far. I hope you enjoy your skincare and beauty products as much as I've enjoyed making them. My dream would be to expand my shop to include products like lotion, sugar scrubs, lip balm, and everything else I eventually dream up. 

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More scents to come! 

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