Kierstyn's Soap Making Tips

When I decided I wanted to start a soap and lip gloss business I had no background knowledge. I knew I loved homemade soap and a great lip gloss. I would buy other homemade products at various markets and fairs. I always thought it would be so cool if I could do that. And like what often happens I thought, 'yeah right, what do I look like making soap?' I don't know if it was the available time COVID created or if it was just the right time for me, but I got started. 

Below is a list of tips I'm happy I found before starting, or things I wish I knew before making mistakes. Hopefully this will be helpful to you as you start or continue your soap making journey! Add your tips in the comments below! 



1. Know what you want from your business.

What are our goals? Is this long term or short term? Do you wish to sell your products? How can your items represent you? By answering these questions you will have a clear vision about what you want your business or hobby to be. It will be easier and quicker to make decisions when you know what your outcome should be, and you won't waste as much money!! Write those goals down! 

2. Declare a launching date

This is not a necessary tip, but I believe it can be beneficial to any business. Once picking a launch date you will have something to work towards. Sometimes when you're working by yourself you can fall off track or not accomplish your goals because there doesn't seem to be any consequences. This doesn't have to be a public date. It still will help hold yourself accountable. You can tell people you trust if that would help you stay on track. This doesn't have to be a concrete date. Life happens; you should give yourself permission to be flexible. Now don't abuse your power to change the date or you'll never to ready! Try your best to work to open on your chosen date. 

3. Do your research!

Once you know what your end goals are find out what you need to make that happen! Research techniques, suppliers, ingredients, packaging, marketing, and everything else I'm forgetting. You should go into this with a plan. It is a tedious process that can take a long time, but trust me it will be worth it in the long run. Once your done doing research go back and do some more(:

4. Plan your products!

I know when I was researching all the possibilities were overwhelming. I found so many cool scents and designs I wanted to try. But I know I couldn't try them all. It would be too much for someone just starting out and not money smart! I suggest making a list of what you want to offer at least in your launch and build from there. Once I knew how many bars and lip glosses I wanted to make (different scents/designs & quantities) all I had to do was pick the supplies I needed. I personally added as many scents as I loved (from a supplier I researched) and chose from my favorite list. I then knew (because of my research *wink*) how much soap, scent, colors, and additives I would need. (I actually miscalculated my soap at first, research is so important)

5. Plan your marketing. 

If you want to sell your soap you should be thinking about how you're going to do that. This can be a part of your research. Look into different platforms and find something that would work best for you. There are a lot of mediums you can sell on and they all offer different things. Maybe you want to sell locally online, at your towns market, or only to friends and family. Either way think about it and decide. It will effect your decisions. Once you know where you want to sell you should figure out how to promote your products. There are plenty of options: social media accounts, social media campaigns, word of mouth, posters, and email newsletters are all possible choices. Whatever works for you!

7. Give yourself needed space.

 I found it helpful to clean out a cluttered closet and designate it as my workspace. I stocked it with my packing materials, tools, ingredients, and other supplies. I bought a few new bins, but mostly used what I had already. Everything soap and lip gloss has a place there, and on my display shelf. Besides soap making in the kitchen I do everything else in that area. It helps me focus, but I also know outside of the craziness of life, my business run smoothly here. 

8. CREATE (have fun)

I was so excited and just as anxious when my soap supplies arrived. I was itching to get started, but I wanted everything to go perfectly. (Which it didn't, check out my "First Batch of Soap" blog) Don't be scared to get started! You got this! And even if you don't you only have to try again. I personally think if you're not enjoying the process you should consider changing some things so you can! 


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